Gutter Depravity

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'Bout this time, Meleah finally nabs a break from barkeeping, and we confabulate about her new hubby, and her now crutch-free existence.

"I have a regular, straight job," says Meleah. "But I do this on Monday nights because it's a lot of fun, even though it's rough getting up in the A.M."

"Tell us, why do they call the DJ 'Nekkid' Nate?" questions the J-girl.

"We were in here last Halloween, the place was really dead, and we were kidding around, so I suggested he get naked," chuckles Meleah. "He actually did it! But you couldn't really tell since he was standing behind that DJ area."

"There's an idea: Maybe we should do a whole Inferno where I go au naturel," I suggest.

"And call it what?" queries Jett. "Fatback Mountain?"

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