Harmony Grit

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Back on Mill, I ask Richardson what he would say if he were accused of cleverly masking self-promotion in the guise of goodwill.

"I've never had confrontations with people like that because I have never really put myself in a spot to have to defend myself," he says. "I've always felt that in staying open, you're allowing people to have their opinions. So there have been people who have had opinions that differed from mine. When I feel like I can help out, it doesn't mean that I help out to a point of suffering, by any means. It just means that I can help push the car when it breaks down, one more hand pushing the car. I really don't have to do anything, I could just play my guitar, come home and be through with it."

Could he really?


Richardson hops on his bike and rolls south, a blur of dreads and shadows bouncing behind him. Somebody calls out his name, but Richardson is out of earshot. He circles around a corner and is gone. If nothing else the man is rooted.

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