Has Joe Arpaio Ever Received a Credible Death Threat?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's boys found a guy on the Internet who said he "want[s]" to blow Arpaio's head off -- a "death threat," as Arpaio calls it.

It was just the latest in a long line of questionable "death threats" against Arpaio, which never seem to put the elderly sheriff in any sort of danger.

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MCSO deputies took a trip to Southern California to vacation look real hard for 22-year-old Caesar David Nunez, who allegedly posted on Twitter, "I want to personally blow Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's head off."

People have stated before that they will kill Arpaio, but Arpaio's grandstanding makes these alleged death threats seem a lot less serious.

In one instance, Arpaio claimed an "Obama supporter" named Adam Eugene Cox was on his way to Arizona, probably to off the old man.

We found the "death threat" in question, and the guy from Tennessee who claimed Satan ordered him to kill Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, and Michael Savage, as well as Arpaio.

"The only side I have is Satan himself and my death sentence he ordered me to fill toward you," Cox wrote in a comments field on a "birther" conspiracy website. "My hope is that you will take out revenge on the left and this country will be destroyed as a consequence... Right vs left killing each other and humanity dwindling in size is my ultimate goal."

Then there's always James Brian Saville, who got his idea to blow up Arpaio from none other than the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. (Saville later got a settlement for that one.)

The recent mail bomb, which Arpaio's chief deputy claimed was about to blow Arpaio to chunks, may not have even detonated, and may not have injured anyone had it actually detonated.

Arpaio also likes to claim that cartels are always trying to off him, despite no evidence that has ever backed that up.

Our question is, has Arpaio ever received a credible death threat? Has his life ever been in imminent danger?

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