Hate Groups on the Rise in the Valley, New Study Finds

A new study conducted by the Southern Poverty Law Center shows Arizona near the top of the list of states when it comes hate groups -- and the number is growing.

The study, released this morning, finds that Arizona has 21 "nativist extremist" groups operating within the state, as well as 19 hate groups.

California is the only state in the country that hosts more, according to the study.

Check the complete report out here.

The study finds that 12 of Arizona's 19 hate groups are operating at various places in the Valley.

So why all the hate? It turns out that hate groups aren't too fond of illegal immigrants and having a black president.

Since Barack Obama became president, the study claims the number of "extremist patriot" groups has grown by 244 percent, while "nativist extremist" groups have grown by 80 percent nationally.

Arizona has some of the most laughable, wild west gun laws in the country, so not only are these whackos full of hate, they have the option of being heavily armed, too.

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