He Is Risen; They Are Not

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"It turns out one of the men living in the tents had a doctor's degree in computers. He came right over and set them up easily. Nothing surprises me about the possibilities that exist within these people anymore."

The notice on the bulletin board at the park office where the homeless sleep contained a simple message.

There would be an Easter Sunday service at the Faith Temple, a Pentecostal church on 51st Avenue, at 11 a.m. A bus would carry the homeless to and from the service. A hot lunch would be served.

The bus for the service pulled out with 67 homeless men aboard.
Far from the shelter, Pastor Ron Garrett spoke to them of the Easter story.

They were fed a lunch of chicken and ham in a tent outside the church. And after it was all over, each man was presented with a $2 gift.

Slowly, in the afternoon rain, the bus made its way back to the shelter.
Shortly before the sun went down, another long line would form in the rain at the shelter.

They would eat dinner in the rain and then look for a dry place to sleep during the night, when the temperature would drop to 48 degrees.

There's no need to worry about the cruelty of the rich to the poor. Our salvation rests in the unfailing kindness the poor exhibit to the rich. William Butler Yeats once wrote:

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Tom Fitzpatrick