Here Comes the Judge

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As the person sitting behind Mr. Pela on the opening night of I Do! I Do!, I take umbrage at his extremely inaccurate characterization of my statements preceding the performance.

First, I am not a board member of the Phoenix Theatre. One of the four individuals in my party, however, is on the board, but he merely tolerated my excited comments rather than contributing to them.

While Mr. Pela eavesdropped on us, I did, indeed, make statements regarding the ballot for next year's plays. My statements, however, were not negative. I was thrilled with the choices on this year's ballot, and voiced my surprise at the possibility that I might see a local production of such plays as Dreamgirls, A Chorus Line and others on the list. The only distress that I expressed was that whoever compiled the list was forcing voters to choose between excellent plays. I don't like choosing between cake or ice cream. I want them both.

The only accurate reference that Mr. Pela made regarding my comments was my suggestion to my fellow theatergoers that we "stuff the ballot box." I only wish that there had been more of us in my party so that we truly could have stuffed the box.

I do not normally read New Times, primarily because it hires individuals with the dubious integrity of Mr. Pela. However, I am grateful that his current lowbrow hit piece was brought to my attention, as I would never have known about it otherwise. The individual who presented me with the article knew that I would resent being misquoted and mischaracterized.

Incidentally, I'm not a snake and have never "hissed" in my life. What a shame that the same cannot be said of Mr. Pela. Hopefully, he will check his facts before he prints his next uninspired drivel.

Bingham J.F. Lowe
Via e-mail

Joe Schmo

The people have spoken: I can hardly believe, after reading Robert Nelson's story about Sheriff Joe Arpaio ("Jailhouse Justice," January 23), that this man is allowed to continue running the county sheriff's office along with his cronies!

It's about time that someone dig deep into the political muck and mire that he's created for everyone here. We all live in this county and have to put up with him when he's out for media coverage about this, that and something stupid.

What totally amazes me is that the citizens of Maricopa County turn a blind eye to this man! He runs roughshod over anyone who stands in his way or makes him look like the idiot he really is (reference the mayor of Fountain Hills) in real life.

There's a new sheriff in town the people! And we deserve to live without the lies, deceit and "back scratching" that occurs on a daily basis downtown. I was hoping that with the fall of Stalin, Hitler and Chairman Mao that we'd seen the last of the dictatorial scum! I guess we have one or two left.

Kudos to Robert Nelson for not backing down on exposing the horrible corruption in the sheriff's office.

Seán Hannah

Cardinal Sins

It's a joke: I love you guys, but . . . either the Bidwills are the dumbest folks ever to visit the Earth, or you, New Times, have been duped, or it is a beautiful hoax by New Times ("Super Bowl V," Rubén Oman, January 16).

My opinion is that agricultural fields are not native habitat to tortoises. I recognize my former tortoise, Bubba, taken from my yard, in your picture humping the young lass tortoise.

The Bidwills are truly not that stupid, and you guys remind me of Sports Illustrated many years ago who duped us folks into believing some Tibetan left-hander who could not be beat being hid in Florida for the Mets.

Please tell me this is a real good funny hoax. Otherwise I question wanting the Cardinals over here on my side of paradise.

Name withheld by request

Credibility? What credibility?: I fell for the desert tortoise story hook, line and sinker. Frankly, I am stunned, offended, feel deceived and victimized by such a fiasco, not to mention complete loss of faith in New Times' credibility.

In my estimation, you are relegated to "scandal sheet" mentality by publishing such a libelous article. How often has previous material been "trumped up" to entice and dupe your faithful readers?

Char Monahan

You can always cancel your subscription: Bravo! Bravo! A very well-written story, certainly had me going. I'm sure this doesn't really matter to anyone on your staff, but now I've learned not to take any of your journalism seriously. Bravo!

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