Hermosillo, Mexico, Day-Care Fire Spurs Relief Fund by Phoenix Officials

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Councilman Claude Mattox and officials with the Sister City program will kick off a fundraising effort this morning to benefit families of children burned in a Mexico day-care facility fire.

At least 44 children were killed in the blaze. About 142 kids aged 6 months to 6 years were in the day-care center when the fire started. Investigators believe the cause was a faulty air conditioner located in a next-door warehouse.

Here's the info from the city on how to donate:

Mayor Phil Gordon and Councilman Claude Mattox will announce the creation of the Hermosillo Fire Relief Fund that will benefit the victims and their families impacted by the recent fire at the ABC Day Care in Hermosillo. In addition, Rich Bauer from the United Phoenix Firefighters Association will present the Phoenix Sister Cities with the relief fund's first donation.

Donations will be accepted at all Wells Fargo Bank branches, account number 2832588335. All donations will be given directly to Hermosillo's social services agency, Hermosillo DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia). At the time of the blaze, 142 children were inside the day care center. To date, the fire has killed 44 children and left dozens fighting for their lives.

The city of Hermosillo is Phoenix's longest Sister City partnership, which is now in its 32nd year. For more information, contact the Phoenix Sister Cities office at 602-534-3751.

WHO: Mayor Phil Gordon Councilman Claude Mattox, District 5 and Council liaison to Hermosillo Carol Seidberg, president, Phoenix Sister Cities Mike Rakowsky, vice chairman, Hermosillo Sister Cities Committee Rich Bauer, United Phoenix Firefighters Association

WHEN: 11:30 a.m. Thursday, June 11

WHERE: Outside Historic Phoenix City Hall, 17 S. Second Ave., near Cesar Chavez Plaza

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