Home Depot and Phoenix Cops to Remodel Neighborhood Activist's Home

A Phoenix neighborhood activist in failing health will get a home makeover, courtesy of Home Depot and Phoenix police.

Guadalupe Arenazas played a major role in ridding her neighborhood of criminals and scofflaws, also working with the Phoenix City Council on improvement issues. Now she's in need of help: Worsening arthritis and osteoporosis symptoms make it tough for the single mom to move around her dilapitdated house, not to mention raise her two teenagers.

This Thursday, cops and Home Depot representatives will show up at her door with an arsenal of tools to craft a ramp to help her get inside her home, install safety bars in her shower, put in a new floor and ceiling, and make other general repairs.

Prostitutes, drug dealers, crippling diseases, teens raised by a single mom -- and a community-coming-together scene that makes you want to stand up and cheer. Now that's a reality show.

See full text of police news release below:


On Thursday, 18 June approximately 8-10 officers from the Phoenix Police's Central City Precinct (58X squad) will be working with employees from The Home Depot to repair the home of Guadalupe Arenazas. Guadalupe has given much of her time and talent to the Greater Green Gables Neighborhood. She has been a strong voice and advocate for the community. Guadalupe has been in constant contact and works closely with the Phoenix Police Department, and she has helped rid her neighborhood of problems such as prostitution, drug activity and speeders. Guadalupe has also worked with her city councilman's office and the Neighborhood Service Department to reduce the amount of blight in the area.

Guadalupe is a single mother with two children still living at home. One Child 17 yrs old, has just graduated from high school and will be attending ASU. Her second child, 15, will be entering her sophomore year at Metro Tech. Guadalupe has been stricken with arthritis and osteoporosis and over the past few months her mobility has deteriorated. Just at the beginning of this year she was able to walk unassisted; now she uses a walker and will be getting a wheel chair soon.

The Home Depot was looking for a resident within the community to whom they could "give back" and our officers introduced them to Guadalupe. Phoenix Officers and Home Depot employees will be remodeling a large part of Guadalupe's home. The business has already installed bars in the shower to assist Guadalupe. Guadalupe has a ceiling that is bowing and a wood floor that is thin with holes throughout her home. The work Home Depot and our officers will be doing on June 18th will include replacing her floor and the living room ceiling, enclosing her laundry room, building a ramp to enter her home, yard work, door sweeps and other minor repairs.

We applaud the Home Depot and our officers for their continuous support of our community and for going above and beyond to ensure the comfort of one of our great citizens.

Way to go Phoenix!

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