Homophobes Freaking Out Over Proposed Ordinance Banning LGBT Discrimination

According to Arizona's most powerful homophobic organization, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is trying to let men "gain access" to little girls in bathrooms.

Yes, the Center for Arizona Policy -- which claims pornography "has been linked" to rapes, child molestations, and serial killers and claims "homosexual activists" are "attempting to indoctrinate [children] into embracing homosexual behavior" -- is at it again.

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"There is an urgent problem in Phoenix, and Center for Arizona Policy needs your help!" reads a CAP "action alert." "The city of Phoenix is considering passing a law that would allow "transgendered" men to use the women's restroom in public accommodations like restaurants, schools, and churches -- the same restroom that your child uses."

To make our job easy, the city already put together our favorites -- the fact sheet and the FAQ.

For some reason, we're willing to believe that Stanton's not trying to institute a pedophile free-for-all in Phoenix.

"Currently, the city of Phoenix prohibits discrimination in employment, public accommodation, housing and city contracts based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, genetic information and marital status," a city press release says. "The proposal will simply add sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and disability. All existing exemptions for churches, small landlords and others will remain unchanged. For example, an employer will not be able to fire someone for being gay and a hotel will not be able to refuse to accommodate a same-sex couple."

The city also provided a six-page list of cities with similar laws, but we need not guess as to why CAP actually opposes Phoenix's ordinance -- it's all listed on this page, here.


A key strategy for advocates of homosexual behavior is to seek legal recognition and special protection on the basis of categories like "sexual orientation," "gender identity," and "gender expression." The goal is to characterize any viewpoint that disapproves of homosexuality as discrimination, similar to discrimination on the basis of race or ethnicity. This strategy is ultimately designed to lead to greater societal approval of homosexual behavior and even a redefinition of marriage.

The ordinance is supposedly headed for a vote this week, so we'll keep you updated if anything happens.

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