"Honor Killing" Dad to Be Sentenced to Mucho Time Today

Faleh Almaleki, the infamous dad who killed his daughter, Noor, and seriously injured her older friend in 2009 will be sentenced today to a very long prison term.

​Rather than rehash all the gory details, let us refer you to our original story on this terribly tragic 2009 case, which became an international sensation as the "honor killing" trial.
The piece concluded that Dad did it because he'd felt "disrespected" by Noor, a young woman with a fairly typical rebellious streak.
A jury convicted the 50-year-old former Glendale resident of second-degree murder and other serious felonies last month. Prosecutors had sought first-degree. 
Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Roland Steinle is scheduled to sentence the killer at 1:30 today in downtown Phoenix.

Deputy county attorney Laura Reckart -- one of the most experienced and expert prosecutors in her office -- wants the judge to stack the sentences so the Iraqi-born truck driver never leaves prison.

But even if the judge runs the sentences concurrently, (the aggravated sentence for the murder rap is 22 years), Almaleki won't see the light of day until he's past his 70th birthday.
Almaleki's defense team had not filed a mitigation pleading as of yesterday.
However, Reckart did file an aggravation motion, which eviscerated the guy for what he did with a 4,000-pound weapon (his vehicle) to his late daughter Noor and her friend Amal Khalaf in a state government parking lot on October 20, 2009.
This woman does not suffer murderers gladly.
In her pleading, Reckart noted that "the defendant was clearly more concerned [after the incident] about obtaining a good lawyer and having people demonstrate in front of the Embassy to show their support for him than he was about the loss of his own daughter."
She suggests that Almaleki has demonstrated "total and utter lack of remorse and contrition" for what he did to Noor and former family friend Amal Khalaf.
Reckart wants Judge Steinle to sentence Almaleki to the aggravated sentence on all charges -- murder, aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an injury accident -- to more than 50 years behind bars.
Whatever the judge does decide (defense attorneys will be arguing for a shorter sentence), Faleh Almaleki is going to have many, many nights to rationalize what he did to his beautiful daughter and her friend that sunny day out in Peoria.
At the same time, Noor -- Faleh's first-born child and a person who was just getting started in this life -- won't be rationalizing anything.
Because her daddy killed her. 

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