Hot Links: Bernie Mac, D.L. Hughley, Dan Saban, Michael Phelps, Ellen DeGeneres, Gabrielle Giffords, and Olympic cheerleaders.

By Stephen Lemons

D.L. Hughely misses Bernie Mac, as do we all. Sgt. Tom Lovejoy beats Arpaio's ginned up charge on croaked K9. D-Backs fall to Astros. Dan Saban gets some face time on 3TV. Campers flee Grand Canyon floods. Mike Phelps swims past Mark Spitz's Olympic record. L-word royalty Ellen and Portia tie the knot. Slovenian Goran Dragic to sign with Suns. How the Short Creek raid led to the FLDS' YFZ Ranch. Gabby Giffords' spankin' new ad. And what we've all been waiting for: Olympic cheerleaders. Happy Monday, people.

Suns score Slovenian Goran Dragic.

D.L. Hughley mourns Bernie Mac.

Prop 300 law turns AZ scholars into dropouts.

Lovejoy not guilty in doggie demise.

Big Unit falters vs. Astros’ Oswalt.

Campers flee Grand Canyon dam bust.

Phelps surpasses Spitz.

Channel 3’s Beverly Kidd interviews Dan Saban.

DeGeneres, de Rossi d’hitched.

How Short Creek led to Yearning for Zion.

R-cubed on Gabby Giffords’ new ad.

And at long last, Olympic cheerleaders. No, really.

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