Hot Links: Bible Studies, Swarms of Bees, and Mexican Brandy

Home Bible studies have been banned in Gilbert. An ordinance that forbids Gilbert churches from having potlucks or home Bible studies was enforced on the Oasis of the Truth Church, which received a cease-and-desist order after holding Bible studies at several different homes. The church has filed an appeal, calling the ordinance unconstitutional...A volunteer baseball coach at Desert Vista High School was reportedly "ambushed" and beaten up in the school parking lot on Friday night. According to police, the victim was changing a flat tire when he was attacked from behind. Two suspects, Edward Meyer of Salt Lake City and Valerie Hayes (the victim's ex-wife), have been arrested and charged in the attack...A 12-year-old boy was accidentally shot in the desert near 51st Avenue and the Carefree Highway on Saturday morning. The boy, who was reportedly out shooting with his father and grandfather, was wounded in the arm and torso, and flown to St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center. He's reported in serious condition...

A Tempe teenager has admitted to stabbing her boyfriend to death as she was being thrown out of the house. Baylee White, 19, got into a fight with Jonathan Hogue, 27, early Sunday morning. Police believe Hogue was trying to get White out of his house when she began stabbing him. White was arrested and faces a charge of second-degree murder...A massive swarm of bees attacked a Mesa neighborhood Sunday night. Three dogs outside received more than 100 bee stings, and the Mesa Fire Department quarantined the block until a beekeeper could find the hive. The beekeeper removed it, and no human injuries were reported...A time capsule in Somerton, Arizona was opened on Saturday, and a bottle of Mexican brandy was missing. Other mementos from 1985 were in the capsule, including photographs and a VHS tape, but the brandy, which crew members say was in the capsule when it was buried on Main street, somehow disappeared.

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