Hot Links: Bigfoot, J.T. Ready, Cindy McCain, Anquan Boldin, Barack Obama, and Old Man John McCain.

By Stephen Lemons

Congressmen Jeff Flake, John Shadegg, and Trent Franks call for neo-Nazi and Russell Pearce-pal J.T. Ready's ouster as precinct committeeman. What took you guys so long? Virtual border fence on not-so virtual hold. The Gannett axe swings, chips a few souls off the Republic, reportedly. Grampa McCain ten points ahead in AZ. (Just 10 points?) D-Backs pummel Padres. Anquan Boldin slights Cards coach. Sgt. Lovejoy contemplates suing Sheriff Arpaio. Go for it, dood. Obama to stump with Veep candidate Saturday. And the Atlanta Bigfoot was a hoax, but you knew that already.

Three AZ Congressmen call for J.T. Ready’s removal as GOP PC.

Virtual fence on hold.

Cindy McCain gives sis cold shoulder.

MCSA rallies against Arpaio.

Lovejoy considers suing Sheriff’s office.

Grampa McCain 10 points ahead in Sand Land.

Minority kids more likely to be paddled.

Boldin disses Cards' Coach W., team.

D-Backs punish Padres.

Obama will campaign with Veep pick Saturday.

Gannett axe chips Republic.

Atlanta Bigfoot a gorilla costume.

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