Hot Links: Biltmore Fire, Swine Flu, and Naked Airline Safety

Biltmore Estates mansion was destroyed by fire over the weekend. Authorities believe the $3 million home caught fire on the first floor. A man was trapped on the second floor, but used scuba gear and a rolling ladder to escape. He was treated for smoke inhalation...DUI task forces across the state made more than 220 arrests this past holiday weekend. At least 70 drivers were nailed for extreme DUI, and 19 underage drinkers were arrested for DUI...Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies arrested about 50 suspected illegal immigrants after a neighbor in the area of 87th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road called to report they'd seen a dozen people get out of a car and head into a house. Deputies said some of the people in the house were teenagers, and many of the people were dehydrated...Two people are dead from a stabbing at a home in Glendale early this morning. A woman called 911 to report that her boyfriend had been stabbed, and when officers arrived on the scene, they found a man and a woman dead from knife wounds. Family members say the stabbing was a domestic dispute, and police say they aren't actively looking for a suspect...The number of confirmed swine flu cases in Arizona is now 761, up from 729 on June 26. There have been 170 deaths nationally from the virus, and 10 in Arizona...Air New Zealand wants passengers to pay attention to their safety videos. Giving another meaning to "overhead compartment," the airline recently taped naked crew members giving safety instructions, covered in nothing but body paint made to look like uniforms. The video, Bare Essentials of Safety, is being played on the airlines' main domestic routes. 

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Airline puts out nude safety video

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