Hot Links: Bisbee Fire, UFOs, and Robot SWAT

A wildfire burning near Bisbee has led to some closures on Highway 80. The fire, called the Mule Pass Fire, was believed to have scorched 140 to 150 acres as of 8 p.m. last night, and is burning away from town, according the Arizona State Forestry Division...A strange, glowing object was seen in the sky over the Valley last night. The light disappeared before sundown, and the FAA, SRP, Sky Harbor Airport, and Luke Air Force Base are all at a loss for information on the object. An astronomer believes it may have been a NASA weather balloon...Former Phoenix Suns player Brian Grant has revealed he's been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Grant, 37, will discuss the disease on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" at 6 a.m. on Sunday...A man from Colorado drowned in the Colorado River rapids after he was thrown from his raft in the Glen Canyon area. Don Carlos, was pulled from the river after being overpowered by the rapids, but was already dead when rescuers recovered him...A man who barricaded himself in a home following a police pursuit in Queen Creek has been arrested. Police tried to pull over Tige Pittman and Landon Ferguson for not having a license plate on their vehicle. Ferguson fled on foot, and Pittman barricaded himself inside a home. SWAT teams sent a robot into the home to retrieve the suspect...Roderick Anthony Burton II, better known as rapper Dolla, was shot and killed at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles last night. Police have arrested a suspect, but have yet to not release the suspect's name.

Wildfire near Bisbee closes Highway 80, prompts evacuations

Object in Sky Baffles Phoenix Residents

Brian Grant has Parkinson's

Man drowns in Colorado River rapids

PSCO: Barricade ends after robot finds suspect inside home

Man fatally shot at entrance to Beverly Center

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