Hot Links: Coyotes, Dogs in Heat, and Dead Sharks in the Road

A Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled that the city of Glendale must reveal records by Friday that show what incentives it's offering to a new owner of the Phoenix Coyotes ice-hockey team. Among the potential team buyers are Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, and Daryl Jones of Research Edge LLC...A teenage boy visiting Valley relatives from Alaska died Monday after suffering a heat stroke while on a hike at South Mountain Park on Sunday. The temperature that day was about 115...Although the Orlando Magic has yet to make an official announcement, the agent for basketball forward Matt Barnes announced that Barnes is leaving the Phoenix Suns because he's signed a two-year contract with the Magic. A free agent, Barnes averaged 10.2 points and 5.5 rebounds per game last season with the Suns...With triple-digit summer temperatures in the Valley, the Arizona Humane Society reports that 19 dogs have been found dead in the past three weeks, victims of the heat. Officials say people need to make sure dogs kept outside have access to shade and water, and requests that people who see animals left in the heat call the Humane Society...Southwest CEO Gary Kelly isn't ruling out instituting baggage fees to try to balance the airline's budget. The airline has never charged passengers fees for their first two bags, but recently started charging $25 fees for unaccompanied minors and $75 fees for pets...Two men in Miami left a five-foot long dead shark in the middle of the street, after area fish markets declined to buy the shark, with one merchant explaining, "We don't buy sharks off the street."

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Dead shark left in Miami street after failed sale

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