Hot Links: CPS, U of A Frat, and Traffic-Ticket Refunds

An audit claims that Child Protective Services are taking too long to investigate complaints of abuse at group homes and treatment centers. State law requires CPS to complete an investigation within 21 days of a complaint about a care facility...University of Arizona fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon has been booted from campus for three years. Tucson police say their investigation uncovered 15 hazing incidents, including pledges being slapped...More than a thousand Valley drivers who got tickets for running the light at Tatum Boulevard and McDonald Drive in Paradise Valley may get refunds from the city for their fines. The light only gave drivers three seconds for a left-hand turn on yellow, but city policy states drivers should have 4.5 seconds...White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf has submitted a bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes ice hockey team. Reinsdorf's $148 million bid is $65 million less than the bid by Canadian Jim Balsillie, but Reinsdorf plans to keep the team in Arizona...Two Valley car dealerships have been slapped with a consumer-fraud lawsuit by the state Attorney General's office. The dealerships are accused of using deceptive advertising techniques...Toyota Motor Corporation says it's developed a wheelchair that moves through the detection of brain waves, without the user having to move or speak. The person in the wheelchair wears a cap that reads brain signals, and then the chair navigates accordingly. Now that's innovation!

Audit says CPS slow to probe abuse

1,000+ drivers to get ticket refunds thanks to bad traffic signal

White Sox owner submits rival bid for Phoenix Coyotes

Local car dealers accused of consumer fraud by AG's office

Toyota technology has brain waves move wheelchair

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