Hot Links: Desert View Watchtower, Infant Death, and Parks

A teacher in Fort Mohave faces five counts of aggravated assault on a child, after allegations that he touched female students' backs in class. The fifth-grade teacher, 70 year-old William Temple, is not accused of touching the students' genitals or chest...Mesa police arrested Andrew Richardson, 22, after catching him walking out of the open glass door of a church. Richardson, who has reportedly been arrested five times in the last eight months, allegedly admitted to police that he broke into the church to see what he could steal...The Desert View Watchtower in Grand Canyon National Park will be undergoing renovations this month through March. The watchtower was constructed in 1932, but the roof and windows leak, and it needs additional repairs...

Phoenix police are investigating the death of an infant. They say the 24 year-old mother concealed her pregnancy and gave birth in her home on Monday. Police say she put the baby in a neighbor's dumpster, and her family retrieved it and tried to drive them to the hospital. The baby died, and the woman remains hospitalized. At this point, she has not been charged with anything...Thirteen state parks may close in Arizona because of budget cuts. Authorities say parks like Kartchner Caverns and Slide Rock will be spared, but others, including Tonto Bridge and Picacho Peak, may close if park officials can't raise $3 million...A man has been sent to prison for failing to register as a sex offender after he moved to Tucson. John Arthur Drusts, 57, allegedly grabbed a girl at breakfast at Santa Cruz Catholic Church and attempted to drive away with her. Drusts pleaded guilty to failing to change his address to avoid a trial, which carried a maximum sentence of 15 years. Drusts was sentenced to six years on Monday.

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