Hot Links: DPS Fatality, Jamaica Flights, and 52,000 Dead Trees

An Arizona DPS officer was killed last night while laying down spike strips to stop a suspect in a high-speed chase. Officer Chris Marano was working near the Seventh Avenue overpass of the Loop 101 when a DPS vehicle in pursuit hit Marano. He died at John C. Lincoln hospital. The suspect in the chase fled on foot, and was apprehended hiding on a porch near Fifth Avenue in West Phoenix...About 52,000 dead trees in the Queen Creek area will be removed in a 30-day project. The dead citrus trees were abandoned by a business called Empire Farms in the San Tan Valley, and the state will pay around $500,000 for their removal...Some drivers for Phoenix Waste Management will be trained by local police officers to watch for suspicious activity. Public Safety Manager (Police Chief) Jack Harris says the program isn't that different from a neighborhood watch, and that garbage men will not have the authority to make arrests...

Maricopa County Health officials say, starting Saturday, restrictions on the H1N1 "swine flu" shot will be lifted. Up until now, shots had been reserved for high-priority groups like children and pregnant women, but officials now say there's enough vaccines for the general public, and they encourage people to get the H1N1 shot...A woman who stole a pair of earrings valued at almost $4,000 dollars from Alyssa Jeweler's Workbench has returned them. According to the jewelry store owner, the woman returned to the store two days after the theft to return the earrings, crying and expressing her regret. The jewelry store owner says she won't press charges...Beginning today, US Airways will start a seasonal route from Phoenix to Montego Bay, Jamaica. The service will run through April 12.

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