Hot Links: Dr. Drugs, Brewer's Big Bills, and Voodoo

A medical doctor in Kingman has been charged with 14 felony counts, after an investigation revealed he regularly wrote up to as many as 100 prescriptions a day at his practice, for painkillers such as Percocet and Oxycontin. The doctor, Albert Szu Sun Yeh, also has a practice in Las Vegas, and was only at his Kingman office one day a week...Governor Jan Brewer has signed an abortion bill that imposes new restrictions on the procedure. Under the new laws, patients must wait 24 hours after a visit to the abortion provider before having an abortion, and doctors will be required to provide state-scripted disclosures about the risks of abortion and its alternatives...Brewer also signed a bill that allows the Arizona Department of Transportation to enter into "public-private partnerships" for numerous projects, and those partnerships could include toll roads. State law already permits toll roads, but none has been built yet...A woman in Nebraska was arrested after receiving 13 pounds of marijuana in a postal package mailed from Phoenix. Breanna McCall, 19, signed for the package and was later charged with possession with intent to deliver...26 Arizona schools have joined the Yellow Ribbon Program, which provides financial help to veterans who seek to further their education. Under the maximum benefits, eligible veterans can obtain undergraduate education at a public institution cost-free...A transgendered woman from Arkansas died suddenly in a New Jersey townhouse, where she was undergoing a voodoo ritual to cleanse her "spiritual grime." Authorities are still trying to determine how Lucy Hamilton, 21, met her end. The voodoo priest, Houngan Hector, has declined to comment to media.

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