Hot Links: Fiesta Bowl, Mesa Police Chief, and Casinos

The Fiesta Bowl canceled its plan to ask the state for a $300,000 subsidy after the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority said it would be illegal. The Fiesta Bowl wanted expenses capped for next year's national championship college football game, with some expenses reverting to the sports authority. But the Fiesta Bowl's contract requires it to pay all its own expenses for the January 10, 2011 game...Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre in Queen Creek is open again, after being waterlogged and closed for more than a week. The arena at 20464 E. Riggs Road officially reopened about 4:30 p.m. Monday...Three finalists for Mesa Police Chief have been selected. Mesa Assistant Chief John Meza, Phoenix Assistant Chief Blake McClelland, and Phoenix Commander Frank Milstead will be interviewed next week. City Manager Chris Brady says a final decision will be reached at the end of this month...

A teenage girl was shot and wounded at her Avondale home Monday afternoon. According to police, she was possibly shot by her uncle as she came in the door from school. The uncle was detained for further questioning, and the girl was airlifted to a hospital with a gunshot wound in the upper body. She remains in stable condition...Revenues for tribal-owned casinos in Arizona fell 13 percent in last year's fourth quarter. But although revenue was down, there have been no large-scale layoffs, and tribes are proposing that even more casinos be built...Two hikers who failed to return from a trek in the Superstition Mountains on Sunday have been found safe. Search crews including dogs and a helicopter found the hikers on Second Water Trail yesterday about 10 a.m. They had become lost after their dog got covered in cactus needles. Neither the hikers nor the canine were seriously injured.

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