Hot Links: Floods, Runaway Stagecoaches, and Boiling Lobsters

A main broke on Sunday and flooded several central Phoenix businesses and homes with thousands of gallons of water. The owner of one of the damaged buildings, Phoenix Rising Now photography studio, says the water filled his basement from floor to ceiling. Crews were working on repairing the water-main Sunday night...In addition to President Barack Obama declaring Arizona in a state of emergency and sending federal aid following last week's heavy rains, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons has ordered the Nevada National Guard to Arizona to help flooded communities in the northern part of the state. The governor's office will deploy three helicopters toward Flagstaff as soon as weather allows...A 75-year-old man was injured in Mesa after he was dragged by a runaway stagecoach. The man was reportedly driving the carriage on Saturday when barking dogs spooked the horses. Two of the horses were also apparently dragged behind the carriage. The man was taken to the hospital, where he was being treated for severe wounds. The horses were apparently unharmed...

An elderly couple in Maricopa was severely burned while trying to boil a lobster. The lobster was cooking in a pressure cooker when the cooker malfunctioned, blowing scalding steam all over the couple. Both suffered first- and second-degree burns to their hands and chests...A traffic stop resulted in a kidnapped man getting freed Sunday. Police stopped a car near 24th Avenue and Bethany Home Road and several men inside the car took off running. Police found several guns and a man in the car, whom they determined was kidnapped on his way to work. The motive for the kidnapping isn't clear...Chandler Police say two suspects are on the loose after shooting a man in the face Sunday night. The shooting occurred near Pecos Road and Arizona Avenue, just after 7 p.m. The victim reportedly suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

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