Hot Links: GM, Strip Mall Shooting, and McCain vs. Letterman

After more than 56 years, GM is closing its Mesa test track, the Desert Proving Ground. Most employees have already moved to a new facility in Yuma. The move is termed "only coincidental" with GM's recent bankruptcy...A Valley street was closed last night after a group of people fired guns at a vehicle by a strip mall near 35th avenue and Bethany Home. Although there were children on the street, the only injury reported was that of the man driving the car, and police arrested the shooters at a Denny's...A Pima county sheriff's deputy has been indicted on charges of sexual assault and aggravated assault. Deputy Michael Canizales, 37, was indicted Thursday after a Tuscon police investigation. He has been on paid administrative leave since January...Arizona senator John McCain is taking Sarah Palin's side in a dispute with David Letterman. The talk show host made some jokes about Palin's daughter being "knocked up by Alex Rodriguez," after Palin and her 14-year-old daughter visited New York. McCain called Letterman's jabs "out of bounds" and "highly inappropriate"...Phoenix Coyotes coach Wayne Gretzky could take a big pay cut if the team stays in Arizona. Gretzky has said he won't follow the Coyotes to Canada if the team moves, which would pay out $22 million in deferred compensation. If the team stays, Gretzky could take an annual pay cut of six million...A man in Argentina was found not guilty of counterfeiting bills because the judge ruled the two fake bills he made were so bad that nobody would accept them. Apparently, the wannabe counterfeiter's only guilty of being a bad criminal.

GM ends its operations at Mesa test track

Deputy Indicted For Sexual Assault

McCain sides with Palin in Letterman feud

Gretzky could see big pay cut if Coyotes stay in Arizona

Man not guilty because he was bad at forgery

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