Hot Links: Goddard Sues Phoenix Country Club, Mormons Battle Same-Sex Prop, Ex-Canadian Profiled by MCSO, and Racist "Obama Waffles" Cause Gag Reflex.

By Stephen Lemons

Supes ready to rip up Guadalupe contract today. Goddard sues Phoenix Country Club over gender discrimination. U.S. Citizen claims MCSO asked her for green card because of car's Canadian flag. The Phoenix cop who collapsed after that charity boxing match is dead. Sheriff hopeful Dan Saban promises more deputies on patrol and a reduction in response time. (Sounds good to us.) D-Backs take down Giants, again. Housing construction hits new low. Baby discovered alive in garbage can, umbilical cord attached. The Democratic Diva takes on Mormons and gay marriage. And some idiot's selling "Obama Waffles." What is this, Alabama circa 1950?

Board of Supervisors to end sheriff’s contract with Guadalupe.

Goddard sues Phoenix Country Club over sex discrimination.

U.S. citizen claims she was profiled by MCSO because of Canadian flag.

Phoenix cop dies following boxing collapse.

Saban promises more deputies on patrol, faster response time.

D-Backs bash Giants, 2-0.

Cards’ Warner named NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Infant discovered alive in trash can at Phoenix middle-school.

Housing construction hits lowest level in 17 years.

Gays, Mormons battle over same-sex marriage prop.

Democratic Diva ridicules Mormon-gay marriage war.

Citizen’s Stanton on the sale of racist “Obama Waffles.”

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