Hot Links: Goddard's Suit, the Suns' Roster, and Yuma's Boa

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard has filed a consumer fraud suit against several Tucson real estate businesses. The suit alleges that the company engaged in a fraudulent system that led to the foreclosure of more than 130 homes. The scheme allegedly involved attracting novice home buyers to purchase properties and sell them to rent-to-own buyers with credit problems...A federal appeals court has upheld a preliminary injunction barring Delta Airlines from terminating its contract with Freedom Airlines, a subsidiary of Mesa Air Group Inc. Delta had tried to terminate the contract, citing failure to meet performance standards...Phoenix Union High School District administrators are investigating accusations that Laveen Cesar Chavez coach Jim Rattay has been recruiting players. Recruiting is a violation of the bylaws of the Arizona Interscholastic Association, which oversees high school sports in the state...the Phoenix Suns have added Japanese guard Takuya Kawamura to their summer league roster. Kawamura averaged 20.4 points last season, playing for Link Tochigi Brex of the Japanese Basketball League. Kawamura's only the second Japanese player to play in the NBA...Scottsdale police arrested Doron Sears, 37, for DUI on Wednesday. Sears' blood-alcohol level registered at five times the legal limit, and police say there was an open container in the truck. Sears served time in jail for a previous extreme DUI in 2003, and now faces multiple extreme DUI charges pending the results of blood tests...The fire department and humane society in Yuma captured a nine-foot-long boa constrictor Saturday. They're trying to find the owner, but say if the snake isn't claimed today, it will go to a zoo or a rescue shelter.

Suit alleges multi-million real estate scam

Appeals court prevents Delta from ending contract

District investigating Chavez recruiting allegations

Suns add Japanese guard to summer team

DUI driver busted 5 times over legal limit...again

Yuma Boa Constrictor Still Unclaimed

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