Hot Links: Hells Angels, Structural Damage, and Luggage Theft

An Arizona ATF agent who infiltrated the Hells Angels has won a civil complaint against the ATF. The agent, Jay Dobyns, says his bosses failed to protect him after he received death threats from the notorious motorcycle club. But federal lawyers have filed a counterclaim against Dobyns, alleging that he "harmed his country" by publishing an autobiography about his undercover work. While the legal battle rages on, Dobyn remains employed at the ATF as a coordinator for computerized ballistics data...Higley's Power Ranch Elementary School in Gilbert is suffering severe structural issues, including serious drainage problems, gym walls separating at the roof, and concrete slabs separating from the building. Higley Unified School District officials have hired law and  engineering firms to ascertain whose fault the problems are, and what it will cost to fix them. School officials are also working with local legislators to try to obtain money from a voter-approved bond for the repairs...

Three German volunteer firefighters will train in Sierra Vista, thanks to the city's sister-city program with Radebul, Germany. The German firefighters have been training at the Sierra Vista Fire Department, riding in Air Evac helicopters and driving fire engines on a closed course. A spokesman for the Sierra Vista Fire Department says the current budget may not allow Arizona firefighters to train in Germany, but that department management supports the possibility...Three home repairmen were found unconscious in a Scottsdale residence Wednesday night, after reportedly inhaling dangerous chemicals. The men were resurfacing a shower floor, and apparently did not properly ventilate the bathroom while they worked. After they were found by the homeowner who hired them, the workers were taken to Scottsdale Healthcare Shea for treatment. It's not clear what chemicals caused the workers to pass out...The Glendale Police Department is searching for a 13-year-old girl who has been missing since Sunday. Kacey Nadine Manansala, a Pacific Islander, was last seen walking away from her house, where her parents say they were having disciplinary problems. The girl's family says she has health problems that require medication, and she does not have the medication with her.  Manansala is 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 210 pounds, and was last seen wearing a gray sleeveless shirt, a sweater, and black jeans...A woman from Mesa has been arrested for allegedly stealing more than 30 pieces of luggage from Sky Harbor Airport. Sabrina Zotter, 36, faces four counts of burglary and four counts of theft for allegedly taking luggage over the past two years. Zotter's arrest comes just three months after a man was arrested for stealing more than 1,000 bags from Sky Harbor.

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