Hot Links: Home Invasions, Attack Jets, and 3600 Court Dates

Police are investigating a home invasion in Peoria early this morning, in which as many as nine people were taken hostage. Police received a call about a burglary in progress just before 3 a.m., and arrived as four suspects were leaving in a truck. One suspect escaped on foot...Three employees of Scottsdale Healthcare, who were found guilty in October for not reporting the alleged sexual abuse of a young stroke patient, have had their convictions reversed by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Joseph Kreamer. No suspect in the abuse allegations was ever identified...Eight A-10 attack jets out of Fort Smith, Arkansas will fly into Tucson this week to train pilots for desert war. The visiting jets are part of Operation Snowbird, based at Davis-Monthan Air Force base...The city of Scottsdale is asking for suggestions to help name the mountain that's next to Pinnacle Peak, sometimes referred to as "Red Mountain" or "Round Mountain." Friday is the last day for submissions...More than 3600 Valley motorists have been ordered to appear in court on the same day -- today -- for traffic tickets...A stretch of Queen Creek Drive in Gilbert was closed for several hours yesterday, after a driver crashed into a fire hydrant near Recker Road. The hydrant caused flooding, and the driver was taken to the hospital with "serious injuries." Police say alcohol may have been a factor.

Police investigating Peoria home invasion

3 Hospital Workers' Convictions Reversed

Squadron of attack jets flying in Tucson

Scottsdale seeks name for for 'Other Mountain'

3,600 with Traffic Citations Called to Court Monday

Vehicle crashes into Gilbert fire hydrant, causes flooding

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