Hot Links: Home Invasions, Sarah Palin, and Oprah Winfrey

Incoming Arizona Board of Regents president Ernest Calderon is proposing a plan that would cut the cost of four-year degrees. The proposal would allow students to attend community college for three years, and then an Arizona university their final year...A Mesa woman reportedly shot two home invaders Wednesday night. The men had broken into her home and forced her and three roommates into one room when the woman grabbed a shotgun and fired on the invaders. One of the men was killed, and the other is in stable condition at a hospital...Police are looking for two suspects, described as black males in their mid-to-late 20s, after a former Carl Hayden basketball star was shot and killed in his home late Thursday night. According to police, he was inside his apartment near 30th street and Indian School when the men burst in and opened fire. He died on the scene...Yuma resident Dee Lofton was able to travel to Alaska and meet with Governor Sarah Palin at her home. Lofton brought Palin some CDs, along with a card signed by more than 200 people, describing how Palin was important...Surprise police say a gunman who robbed a Walgreens Thursday afternoon is still on the loose. The suspect is described as a white or Hispanic man, 30 to 40 years old, with a thin build...Oprah Winfrey is taking her entire crew and their families on a Mediterranean cruise. A Chicago-based travel company says a trip like the one Winfrey's planning, with stops in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Malta, could cost about $5,400 a person.

Plan aims to cut the cost of 4-year degrees

Woman shoots two home invaders

Two suspects sought in death of former Carl Hayden basketball star

Yuma Resident Meets With Palin

Surprise PD: Gunman at large after robbing Walgreens

Oprah Winfrey: World's Greatest Boss?

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