Hot Links: ICE to Audit Arpaio, Lovejoy Sues Sheriff, McCain and Obama Honor 9/11, and Chihuahua Punching 101.

By Stephen Lemons

First corn vendors, then landscapers, now Arpaio goes after candle makers. Real tough guy, our sheriff. Sgt. Lovejoy sues Joe over doggie demise. ICE to audit Arpaio over 287g agreement. (Finally.) McCain and Obama commemorate 9/11. Tempe brings back "Healing Field" of flags. High school teacher projects porn during class, allegedly. Mesa motivational speaker posed nude before being stabbed 27 times. D-Backs keep losing to Giants. Trib’s Tulumello analyzes Card's "D." And no, a Valley vet did not punch a chihuahua, but we kinda wish he had.

Arpaio raids Chandler candle co., arrests 65 workers.

Lovejoy sues Arpaio for 350K over K9 death.

ICE to audit Arpaio’s use of 287g officers.

Tempe’s Healing Field, and other 9/11 memorials.

High school teacher shows porn on class projector, allegedy.

Giants clobber D-Backs, 4-3.

Trib’s Tulumello on Cards’ defense.

Sex offender, pre-teen impersonator pleads guilty.

R-Cubed disses Prop 105 contributors.

McCain, Obama commemorate 9/11 together.

Vet not guilty of punching chihuahua.

Mesa man posed nude before being stabbed 27 times.

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