Hot Links: Jail Drug Use, Robot Pharmacist, and Queen Creek

A report by Arizona State University says drug use is on the rise among Maricopa County jail inmates. Using urine tests and inmate questionnaires, researchers found that opiate use had increased. Opiates include heroin and many prescription drugs. Officials with the Maricopa County jails and Correctional Health Services claim they have not seen the report...A Phoenix police officer accidentally shot a suspect yesterday. Officers were looking for the 27-year-old suspect after reports that he'd pistol-whipped someone. Officers converged on his apartment, and when a sergeant turned a corner, he ran right into the suspect and was so startled he discharged his gun, police say. The suspect was shot in the shoulder...A nurse's assistant has been arrested and charged with molesting a 14-year-old patient. Eddie Parker, 27, was an assistant at St. Luke's Behavioral Health Center. Staff members from the hospital contacted police after learning of an incident between Parker and the patient. Among other charges, Parker has been hit with four counts of sexual abuse...

The Sun Life Family Health Center in Casa Grande has a new employee, and it's a robot. The robot, named E.V.E., dispenses prescriptions in the pharmacy. The Parata Max machine dispenses pills and has several cross-checks to ensure accuracy...Yavapai County authorities say a Flagstaff woman reported missing Monday has been found dead. Tanya Morris was found partially buried in snow about a mile and a half from where her vehicle was found. Cause of death is under investigation...Queen Creek schools have received just shy of $850,000 in stimulus funds. The district plans to use the money for new lighting, heating, and air conditioning at schools. The stimulus grant will cover about 30 percent of that cost.

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