Hot Links: Jesse Ventura spouts 9/11 crackpottery, Arpaio probed (again), Roger Ebert whacked, Kanye West popped, and more.

By Stephen Lemons

Arpaio probed by three federal agencies. Jesse "The Bonehead" Ventura spews 9/11 nuttiness at memorial. Teacher quits over porn projection. Fire marshal resigns over lap dance flap. Woman accused of stabbing boyfriend 27 times gabs on-air, proclaims innocence. Under Sarah Palin, rape victims paid for own exam. Democratic Diva dishes on cost of Pearce-Gibbons race. Sun Devils take on UNLV Saturday. Trib profiles Cards' Hightower. Roger Ebert gets a whack from fellow film critic. And Kanye West pinched at LAX for smashing paparazzi's camera (allegedly).

Arpaio probed by three federal agencies.

Jesse Ventura preaches 9/11 conspiracy theory at memorial.

Arcadia H.S. teacher quits over porn projection.

Buckeye fire marshal resigns for giving lap dance.

Woman accused of stabbing lover 27 times speaks.

Rape victims paid for exam under Palin.

Democratic Diva on cost of Pearce-Gibbons race.

Trib spotlights Cards rookie Hightower.

Sun Devils battle UNLV Saturday.

New York film critic whacks Roger Ebert, on knee.

All-white jury picked for O.J. in Vegas.

Kanye West popped at LAX for smashing paparazzi’s camera.

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