Hot Links: John McCain's numbers weaken in AZ, the 9/11 Frisbee, Gerald Richard on Darrell Ankarlo, a pot-eating tyke, and more.

By Stephen Lemons

Can Obamarama whip Old Man McCain's keister in Sand Land? A new poll shows a narrowing gap. County Attorney hopeful Richard plays paddycake with Ankarlo over book tour scandal. Trib wants to give nut-job Berman back his guns. Russell Pearce an embarrassment to the local GOP? No-duh there. Local rugrat chows down on Mary Jane. Republic predicts fewer Arizona winners in Olympics. And the 9/11 Frisbe gets a makeover.

Grampa McCain’s lead softens in Sand Land. Metamucil to blame.

The hard numbers of McCain’s unmanly softness.

Gerald Richard sucks up to Ankarlo.

White, American sex assault suspect nabbed in Mexico. Nativists befuddled.

Arizona’s giganto 9/11 Frisbee revised.

Surprise, surprise: Pearce an embarrassment to local GOP.

Trib to court: Give wacko Berman back his firearms.

Dodgers scuttle D-Backs’ streak.

Republic on Sand Land Olympians: Expect fewer medals from Beijing than Athens.

Tyke ate pot, coppers say.

Ballot initiative bubble may burst.

Poll workers don’t know diddly.

St. Joseph's dumps immigrant patients?

Green card holders deported for old, minor offenses.

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