Hot Links: Luke Air Force Base, Condors, and Pen-Knife in Class

A shooting at Luke Air Force Base killed one man and injured another. Air force base officials confirm that base security opened fire on two men who drove a stolen car through the base gate. Both men were taken to a hospital, and no one on the base was injured. Glendale police are investigating the shooting...Members of the Health and Counseling Action Student Committee at ASU are pushing for a smoking ban on campus. The group has spoken to ASU President Michael Crow and proposed they submit a referendum. So far, students have collected more than 3,500 signatures in support of the policy...Three California condors found dead in northern Arizona died from lead poisoning. The condors are the first to die of lead poisoning in three years among condors in Arizona and Utah. There are only about 350 condors alive today; tests show the trio that perished in Arizona died from ingesting lead pellets while feeding on carrion...

Administrators at the Arizona School for the Arts suspended an 11-year-old boy for five days after he brought a pen-knife to class. The student, Zane Champion, was given the two-inch pen knife by his father, and claims he didn't know it was a knife. School officials are deciding whether to expel him...A fire at an assisted-living facility in Glendale may have been planned, according to firefighters. The fire, which started Tuesday morning and put 10 residents out in the cold while crews battled the blaze, appears to have started with a mattress. Only one room at the facility was damaged, and an investigation is ongoing. 

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