Hot Links: Matt Leinart parties no more, Phil Gordon a Dem again, Martian water, and D-Backs outplay L.A.

By Stephen Lemons

Nickel Bag Joe hunts corn, snow-corn vendors. No wonder they call him “Sheriff Joke.” Trib demands accounting of RICO funds used by County Attorney, Sheriff. Mayor Phil wants new “Arizona Project” on Arpaio. Don Bolles applauds from on high. A possible replacement for dull, lame-o Republic columnist Robert Robb. H2O on Mars, no crypto parasites, we hope. D-Backs dominate Dodgers. And Ladies’ Man Matt Leinart says he’s a party boy no more. Hide the beer bongs, gals.

Our idiot Sheriff targets corn, snow-cone vendors.

Channel 15 on our loser Sheriff’s pushcart sweep.

Tribune demands accounting of RICO funds use.

Gordon wants “Arizona Project” on Arpaio.

Republic should fire Robert Robb, hire this dude.

Mayor Phil rediscovers Democratic roots.

Arpaio helps Bitter Smith raise $10K.

Jewish activists rally for Postville plant workers.

Water on Mars, hopefully no crypto.

Crypto closes pool in Goodyear.

D-Backs outplay L.A. 2-1.

Leinart a party boy? Who knew?

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