Hot Links: Melanoma Man John McCain, Phil Gordon on NPR, Jack Harper, Cards linebacker Clark Haggans, and Joe Arpaio, spanked.

By Stephen Lemons

Melanoma-man McCain gets another biopsy. Mayor Phil talks immigration on NPR. Tucson Citizen blasts Arpaio. (And if you missed it yesterday, the Washington Post got its licks in, too.) 50 popped in drop house raid. Cards linebacker Haggans wants to dye his Mohawk red. (Go for it, dude.) Republican state Senator Jack Harper investigated. A violent home invasion caught on tape. And Barriozona's slideshow of the Borders Books anti-Arpaio demo.

Mayor Phil Gordon discusses Arpaio, immigration on NPR.

Hunk of flesh carved off of old man McCain.

Tucson Citizen raps Arpaio’s knuckles.

Washington Post redux: Post slams Arpaio.

Phoenix PD nab 50 in Maryvale drop house.

Suspect in Phoenix sex attacks collared.

D-Backs winning streak stopped by Padres.

Mohawker Haggans plans to dye it Cardinal red.

Barriozona slideshow of anti-Arpaio protest at Borders.

R-Cubed on Jack Harper investigation.

We beat out Tampa. Woo-hoo!

State Supremes toss murder conviction for David Anthony.

Violent home invasion caught on tape.

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