Hot Links: Murder confessed to on Tom Leykis, Phil Gordon vs. Joe Arpaio, D-Backs downed by Pirates, and more.

By Stephen Lemons

The Rep finally reports on the Russell Pearce domestic violence story, long after New Times and the bloggers. Gordon and Arpaio do the man dance in print. An El Mirage chick confesses to slaying boyfriend on Tom Leykis, of all places (allegedly). The Cardinals play New Orleans tonight. Bad news nativists: Arizona Hispanics are on the rise. Suns will start season with Spurs.(Groan.) PHX bankruptcies double. And a famous Frog restaurant in Cave Creek is shuttered.

Gordon and Arpaio slug it out.

The Rep covers Pearce abuse allegations.

LuAnne Pearce defends Russ.

Boy brings gun to school, Arpaio deports family.

Number of AZ Hispanics skyrockets.

El Mirage chick confesses murder on Tom Leykis?

D-Backs overcome by Pirates.

Suns open season with Spurs.

Cards preseason preview.

Goodyear minister arrested for alleged child molest.

Phoenix bankruptcies double.

Sans Souci shuttered.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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