Hot Links: New Rail Talk, Valley Home Prices, and Foot Botox

The Arizona Supreme Court decided late Wednesday not to block enactment of a new state law that would require public employees to report illegal immigrants. The justices didn't discuss the merits of the law, but said that the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, which had asked that the law be struck down as illegal, had not shown that the issue deserved to be brought before the state's high court...Planners at the Maricopa Association of Governments conducted three yearlong rail studies, and has concluded that a new, 105-mile commuter rail system could carry nearly 18,000 passengers a day by 2030. The system would include 33 stations and cost about $1.5 billion. The soonest a new rail could open, experts estimate, would be the second half of the next decade...After hitting rock bottom in April, Valley home prices have finally flattened out. Some prices have jumped by 12 percent, but one Valley economist says the price jump is because there are less cheap houses on the market now. Currently, there are more than 100,000 vacant homes and condos in the Valley, and more than 50,000 homes in Maricopa County are in foreclosure...

About 25,000 workers for Fry's and Safeway grocery stores have been asked to approve the new, three-year contract that averted a worker strike last month. Under the contract, most employees would get a raise of a quarter an hour. Union members have until December 10 to return the ballots that were mailed with the contract offer...Two men have been arrested in connection with the shooting death of Phoenix woman Luz Navarro last month. Kenneth Williams, 19, and Michael Guzman, 18, have been charged with murder and armed robbery. Navarro was shot in her car in a K-Mart parking lot, and declared dead at the scene. Family and friends held a funeral service for her on Wednesday...Female workers in London have found a new use for Botox: they've been injecting it into their feet to dull the pain of wearing high heels. The new technique is called "foot fillers," and the procedure can cost up to $500. Perhaps office workers somewhere will begin injecting Botox into their bums to dull the pain of sitting on their rears all day.  


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