Hot Links: Nik Richie claims he's got Desert Diva john names (see update), McCain leads Obama, O.J. Simpson on trial (again), and Gary Coleman runs over dude, allegedly.

By Stephen Lemons

Nik Richie posts john names (he says) in Desert Divas bust. You won't believe who's listed. (Update: Richie's taken them down. Was the story bogus, Nik?) Old Man McCain takes lead over Obama in new poll. (Yikes!) Arizona tax revenues in the dumps. Cards clobber the 49ers. Sun Devils slice up Stanford. Lane and Manross face runoff for Scottsdale Mayor. Posts on Craigslist detail javelina torture. (We hear they make for tasty sausage.) Deja vu all over again: Jury selected in O.J. trial. And Gary Coleman rams fan with car, allegedly. Hey, different strokes for different folks...

McCain leads Obama in new poll.

Arizona tax haul takes a dive.

Border patrol sued by illegal immigrant.

Nik Richie claims to have john names from Desert Divas busts. (Now Richie's post is down. Does that mean the big story's a bust, Nik?)

Feds take over Fannie & Freddie Mac.

Cards clobber 49ers, 23-13.

Dodgers dominate D-Backs in series.

Sun Devils slaughter Stanford, 41-17.

Lane, Manross face runoff for Scottsdale Mayor.

Craigslist posts detail javelina torture.

Democratic Diva: Palin scarfed up the pork.

Jury selection begins in O.J. robbery trial.

Gary Coleman runs over dude, allegedly.

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