Hot Links: Olympians, Internet Rape, and a Buggy Chase

Two school buses collided on Highway 89 in Chino Valley Tuesday afternoon, injuring one of the bus drivers and at least a dozen students from Heritage Middle School. Initial reports indicate that three school buses were traveling in a procession when the first collided with a pickup truck, causing a rear-end collision with the bus behind it...A Chandler Paralympic athlete born without hands and feet has been nominated for the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame. Runner Tony Volpentest, 36, has won 22 gold medals, and is nominated for the Hall of Fame along with Michael Jordan and the Dream Team...A Phoenix man has been arrested on charges of raping an unconscious woman, live on a video hosting Web site. Jonathan Hock, 20, is allegedly very popular on the site for his sexual behavior, and police say there are indications he may have committed similar acts in the past...A Spring Valley man has been charged with 41 counts in a child-molestation case. Jose Munoz-Posadas was arrested Saturday morning, a day after three alleged victims came forward and gave information to Child Protective Services. Munoz-Posada's charges include sexual conduct with a minor and continuous sexual abuse of a child...Residents at the Concord Village Apartments in Tempe woke up to find some cars on fire in the parking lot. At least one vehicle was fully burning, and three others were starting to ignite. Residents say rags were placed in the gas tanks and then set on fire. Investigators say (doh!) the fires appear to be arson...Deputies in Little Valley, New York arrested 20 year-old Jonas J. Hershberger, after he led them on a three-mile chase through the fields and woods -- with his horse and buggy. Hershberger has been charged with, among other things, "overdriving of animals."

Two school buses collide on Highway 89

AZ athlete nominated for Olympic Hall of Fame

Woman raped live on Internet; suspect in custody

Deputies Arrest Man on 41 Sex Charges

Cars burned at Tempe apartment complex

Horse and buggy chase ends in suspect's arrest

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