Hot Links: Photo Radar, Phil Gordon's Term, and a Beef Recall

Six weeks after announcing he wouldn't prosecute criminal-speeding cases based on photo-radar evidence, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has decided that photo-radar evidence can be used in criminal speeding cases. Barnet Lotstein, special assistant to Thomas, says what Thomas should have said initially was photo-radar evidence should be used primarily in civil cases, but should not be the only evidence presented in criminal cases...Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon has canceled plans to run for extended office. Gordon's campaign committee spent almost $17,000 in August to poll residents about whether they would support abolishing term limits for mayor and City Council positions. Gordon has two more years in office before his term ends...A Fresno-based beef company, Beef Packers Inc., is recalling some of its products from California and Arizona, after concerns about possible salmonella contamination. Officials say consumers should check with local retailers to make sure the meat they're buying isn't from the possibly contaminated lot, which was produced on September 23 and bears the product code "EST. 31913"...

An Arizona man died after parachuting off a cell-phone tower in Casa Grande Friday night. Police say the man, Darrell Dunafon, had broken into the site with some friends and climbed the 400-foot tower. Dunafon's parachute got stuck, and he struck a power line. He died at the hospital...Rhema Full Gospel Baptist Church in South Phoenix, destroyed by arson four years ago, has reopened. State Attorney General Terry Goddard attended Sunday's re-dedication service. He says investigators are still working to catch the arsonist who set the church on fire...Leslie Widynowski, the 63 year-old Surprise woman missing since Wednesday, was found dead Sunday. Police say her body was about 50 yards away from her vehicle, discovered near the US 60 and Jomax Road. It's unclear how she died, and police say there is no evidence of trauma or foul play.  


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