Hot Links: Pipe Bombs, George Gascon, and Electric Beef

A Valley man found a pipe bomb his mailbox Tuesday night. The bomb squad arrived at his home near 7th Avenue and the Loop 101, where they determined the device was indeed an explosive. The postal inspector is investigating the incident, and the man's mailbox was taken as evidence...Police say a Mesa man tried to commit suicide by tying a sword to the steering wheel of his car and then driving into a block fence. Nathan Ryan, 27, was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening wounds after his airbag deployed and bent the sword upon impact, cutting his neck...Three men working on a drainage pipe at the VA Hospital were contaminated with Mercury. The intersection of Third Street and Indian School Road was closed off as hazmat crews decontaminated the men and their clothes. They say no one was in danger, and the men will be okay...DPS officers arrested a man on Interstate 10, just east of Tucson, after pulling him over for a traffic violation and finding 39 pounds of meth in his car, which has an estimated street value of $780,000. The driver, Carlos Buelna, 42, was arrested on multiple drug charges...Mesa Police Chief George Gascon has been chosen to be the new chief of police in San Francisco. SF mayor Gavin Newsom will make a formal announcement at 11 a.m. today, and an official statement from Gascon is expected later today, as well...And from world news, a farmer was crushed to find 16 of his cows dead after a single lightning strike. The strike apparently hit the first cow, and the electrical charge conducted through a puddle, killing the others.

Man finds explosive in mailbox in downtown Phx

Man tries to end life using sword, steering wheel

Mercury Scare at Phoenix VA Hospital

DPS Seizes 39 Pounds Of Meth

San Francisco mayor says Gascon to lead PD

Lightning strike kills 16 cows at one time

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