Hot Links: Russell Pearce wins his primary, ditto for Tim Nelson, Mayor Gordon breaks back, St. Louis slays D-Backs, Cards fans named worst in NFL.

By Stephen Lemons

Mesa GOPers grant victory to neo-Nazi-hugger Russell Pearce. Maybe J.T. Ready should run for something. Tim Nelson gets Dem nod for County Attorney contest against Candy Thomas. (Go get him, Tim.) Hay and Kirkpatrick will duke it out for Rick Renzi's Congressional seat. Mayor Gordon breaks his back in fall from tree. Them treehouses just ain't worth it, Phil. "Family values" Veep Sarah Palin addresses convention tonight. (We're guessing she doesn't discuss birth control.) And the Citizen's Billie Stanton decries caveman McCain's "Stone Age views" on gals.

Pearce pummels Gibbons in LD18 primary.

Nelson dominates Dem primary for County Attorney.

Manross on the ropes in Scottsdale.

Schweikert leads Bitter Smith in CD5 Republican primary.

Hay, Kirkpatrick will battle for Renzi’s seat in CD1.

D-Backs devoured by St. Louis, 8-2.

ESPN: Cards fans worst in NFL.

Mayor Gordon breaks vertebrae in fall.

Veep pick Palin speaks tonight at GOP convention.

Alaska legislature probes Palin’s “Troopergate.”

Citizen’s Stanton skewers McCain’s “Stone Age views” on women.

Jury selection starts in serial shooter case.

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