Hot Links: School Bus Crash, IRS Trash, and Google Maps

Two buses from the Roosevelt School District collided near 23rd and Southern avenues yesterday. According to police, one bus rear-ended the other while it was stopped at a stop sign. Sixty students were on the buses, but police say there were no major injuries...Inspectors have found that in the past two years, several IRS branches in Arizona failed to dispose of processed tax returns properly. Tax returns containing personal information were found in dumpsters in Tuscon, Tempe, and Phoenix. The agency says it now shreds all tax returns...The memorial services for former Phoenix Sun and jazz bassist Wayman Tisdale drew about 4,000 mourners in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tisdale died last week of cancer at age 44...According to the state's school chief, Arizona taxpayers have shelled out at least $300,000 to educate Mexican nationals at a charter school in Douglas. Attorney General Terry Goddard has called upon legislators to close a loophole that exempts charter schools from the student-residency requirement at public schools...The TSA will be removing high-tech machines called Explosives Trace Portals from Sky Harbor airport. The machines were designed to detect explosive particles on passengers, but the TSA says it's pulling them from airports nationwide because they've had some trouble detecting bombs...After his home- security team complained about gawkers, Paul McCartney has had Google remove his London house from Google's street view maps. A Google representative says anybody can now remove their house from Google street view by pushing a button.

2 school buses collide with 60 students onboard

Report: IRS Trashed Tax Returns

Thousands mourn Wayman Tisdale

State paying for charter schooling of Mexicans

TSA to pull pricey anti-terror machine from Sky Harbor

Hey! You've Got to Hide My House Away...

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