Five teenagers were arrested Monday after stealing a motorcycle at gunpoint. Police suspect the teens are tied to a car theft ring...About two dozen protesters gathered outside the studios of The Colbert Report to protest Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was a guest on the show last night...Eight people were arrested near the Gila Mountains after Customs and Border Patrol agents found more than 365 pounds of marijuana in their backpacks...A Rimrock man, Craig Johnson, was arrested for sexually abusing a minor, after a 14 year-old girl came forward with claims of molestation...Students urged ASU president Michael Crow not to go forward with plans for a tuition surcharge next semester. The surcharge would be $1200, and the board of regents is expected to vote on the matter April 30...A photographer in the Hamptons says Madonna's publicist's accusations that the pop star fell off a horse after being scared by a paparazzi in the bush are untrue. He admits taking photos of Madonna riding the horse, but asserts she fell off all on her own.

Hot Links: Sex Abuse, Surcharges, and Stars on Horses

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