Hot Links: Shaq's Shots, Mesa's Murders, and Boyle's Eruption

A young girl in Pima County died from the swine flu yesterday. The girl was the fourth person in Arizona to die from the virus. As of yesterday, the state has 534 confirmed cases of the disease...Phoenix Suns star Shaquille O'Neal was snapped by photo radar cameras twice on the 51 freeway, once last December and again this past February. According to DPS, O'Neal paid the $180 fine for the February ticket, but has not answered for the December violation. O'Neal's photo-radar shots were posted yesterday on Mesa teenager accused of shooting his father to death for not letting him use a MySpace account pleaded guilty to second-degree murder yesterday. The plea calls for Hughstan Schlicker, 16, to spend 20 to 22 years in prison...Another Mesa resident, 26-year-old Charles Szalkowski, was arrested after allegedly stabbing his mother and grandmother during a domestic dispute. Both women underwent surgery and are now in stable condition at a Valley hospital...In yet another stabbing, a Surprise man named Matthew Rognholt was arrested after reportedly straddling his roommate's brother in law and cutting his face with a knife. Rognholt said he attacked the man because he and his friends had been picking on him all day at the lake...Susan Boyle, the Scottish singing sensation propelled to stardom on Britain's Got Talent, had two angry outbursts yesterday that resulted in her using cuss words and lewd gestures. Boyle's first outburst was directed toward some fans outside her hotel, who were allegedly picking on her. The second outburst occurred in the hotel bar, after judges on the show praised one of Boyle's competitors. Indeed, it seems that Boyle's dream is turning into a bit of a nightmare.

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