Hot Links: Taxpayers shell out 11K-plus for Darrell Ankarlo book tour, Dan Saban on Bruce Jacobs show, D-Backs spank San Diego, and more.

By Stephen Lemons

Ankarlo book tour fiasco costs taxpayers $11,500. Dan Saban dodges verbal knives, kicks butt on KFYI 550 AM Bruce Jacobs’s morning show. Arizona’s modern-day version of the Trail of Tears. Channel 12’s Joe Dana reports some more on Honduras-gate. MCSO denies racial profiling. (Pause for laughter.) Female cabbie stabbed, body dumped. D-Backs spank San Diego.

$11K from the MCAO to KTAR in Ankarlo book tour.

Or was it $11,500?

The Republic says $11,500 too.

Arpaio-foe Dan Saban kicks ass on Bruce Jacobs.

Arizona’s modern-day Trail of Tears.

More great work from Joe Dana on MCSO’s Honduran caper.

Of course, Feathered Bastard covered same ground in April.

MCSO: Racial profiling? What racial profiling?

San Diego spanked by D-Backs, 3-0.

Teixeira traded to Los Angeles Angels.

Cards acquire former Arizona State tight end.

D-Backs’ Owings to minors.

Female cabbie stabbed, left for dead in Phoenix, expected to recover.

Jeffs charges back to grand jury?

Arizona loses thousands of jobs to China.

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