Hot Links: Teachers at Capitol, Bodies on Lawns, and Taggers

The number of illegal immigrants in Arizona has dropped by a third in the past two years, according to a study by the Center for Immigration Studies. Arizona had the largest decline of any state, thanks in part to a tough job market and stricter immigration laws and policies...Dozens of Valley teachers and parents rallied at the state Capitol yesterday, protesting a proposed budget that would include cuts to education, including teacher salaries...The body of a woman who'd been shot and killed was dumped on the lawn of a home near 79th street and Shea. Police are trying to determine if the woman, who did not live in the home, knew the homeowners...In a move to offset small business owner concerns about health reform, Delta Dental of Arizona has frozen the rates of its small-employer group plans. This is the third consecutive year Delta's frozen its rates for small businesses...Police spotted several taggers spay-painting graffiti near 21st Avenue and Denton this morning. When officers confronted them, the taggers opened fire on the officers. No one was injured, but a nearby house and a car were hit by the gunfire. Police have taken the suspects into custody...A woman in Germany has had a piece of her ear sewn onto her buttocks. Part of the woman's ear was severed in a fight. Doctors were waiting for her head to heal before re-attaching the ear, and meantime, they sewed her earlobe onto her rear for safekeeping. Their first attempt to re-attach the ear was unsuccessful.  

Illegal-immigrant populace in Ariz. falls by a third, study says

Teachers rally at state Capitol

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