Hot Links: Toll Roads, Mercury Spills, and US Airways Jets

Almost $250,000 was found in a spare tire last night, after an Arizona DPS officer stopped a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer for moving violations. Officers found the money in the tire after receiving consent to search the vehicle, and arrested and booked the driver on money-laundering charges...Arizona is making way for private toll roads. Planners say the state needs new highways, but can't afford the multimillion-dollar price-tag. In July, Governor Jan Brewer signed a law allowing public-private partnerships, and now would-be developers are poised to capitalize...A mercury spill caused firefighters to shut down and evacuate the Tempe city library yesterday, after workers reported a small amount of the substance on a keyboard. When emergency crews arrived, they found mercury spills in other places. Fire investigators say the spills have not created a serious health hazard, but authorities are looking for the children they believe spilled the mercury...

A horse was rescued in Queen Creek yesterday, after falling into a narrow hole. The mare was stuck for two hours before rescue crews could pull her to safety...Northern Arizona University has offered early retirement incentives to tenured faculty who are 62 years and older. There are 125 employees who are eligible; the offer is voluntary. If every faculty member accepts, the move would cost $10 million, but would save money in the long haul...US Airways plans to sell 10 jets to Republic Airways Holdings Inc. Republic says it will apply the full balance of the $35 million loan from US Airways toward the aircraft purchase. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.