Hot Off the Empress

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Jewels plans to display the results of her recent operation for only another year or two, by which time she expects her book to be a success. Then she will be strictly a consultant, a faucet of wisdom. And of course there will be, who knows, book tours, signings, a sequel, the movie starring Sherilyn Fenn, the calendar, the "music inspired by" CD collection--the possibilities are just endless.

In the meantime, a busy slate can't bump aside one's priorities.
"No matter how tight your schedule," she writes, "it is important to live up to your beauty potential. Eyes smolder darkly, the mouth is molded into a lush point, eyebrows arch divinely, fingernails glitter, and the total image is a vision of loveliness."

People think exotic dancers take a risk in displaying their bodies, but the real risk, she says in her book, is developing one's sexual image and self-concept. "It is a journey," she writes, "a process of learning to release one's self."

Once her book hits the shelves, she will share that journey with us all.

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