How Pissed Off at Facebook Are You?

Mark Zuckerberg officially has the ability to piss off the entire world.

Facebook (yet again) has made some unpopular changes -- the degree to which we cannot even begin to explain (the computer geeks techies at ZDNet seem to have a grasp of what's been changed and explain it all here).
In the past 24 hours, our Facebook page has gone from a manageable inventory of what our "friends" are up to, pictures of hot chicks we haven't seen since high school, and "event" notifications for events we have no intention of attending, to a cluttered mess of non-sequential "updates."

People are pissed.

Roughly one in every four status updates from "friends" around the Valley that we spotted on our "feed" last night were people sounding off about how pissed they were about the new Facebook changes.

A few examples:

-Bill writes "why do i have newsfeeds for my newsfeeds with a rapid newsfeed just in case i was keeping up, this class is fucking boring im outta here."

-Christopher writes "If Facebook is never finished the way fashion is never finished, I'd say so far this ranks somewhere between jorts and those puffy winter coats."

-Leigh writes "Now that I've found Twitter, Facebook will never have the same luster no matter how much it alters..."

-Shannon writes "obviously facebook has no idea what i'm interested in."

-Allison writes "This new Facebook is rubbish. I prefer Twitter."

There's already a Facebook "event" titled "Switch back to the old Facebook layout." Thankfully, on the "event" page, it's explained how to switch your account settings back to the old layout (to switch back to the old Facebook: Go to Account Settings > Language > English (UK)).

The solution to the problem is likely only a temporary fix, though -- it seems all Facebook settings will soon be programmed with the current annoyances.

The message seems clear, Zuckerberg: America hates the new Facebook.

But we want to know what you think: should Facebook ditch the new format?

Cast your vote below.

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